Trump Should Be Impeached for Coming up with “Crooked Hillary” : Maxine Waters

Holy cow. We’ve always argued that most liberal politicians are lacking in logical thinking but this is taking things to the next level of stupidity. It is so stupid you just have to laugh.

Maxine Waters thinks Trump should be impeached for coming up with “Crooked Hillary.” Yes. Seriously.

Uh, using slogans to brand your opponent is as old as politics itself. Using that incredibly idiotic logic, every politician who has ever branded their opponent and attacked them should be “impeached” as well.

“If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role to help provide strategy — if they’re the ones who came up with ‘Crooked Hillary’…I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached”

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41 Responses to Trump Should Be Impeached for Coming up with “Crooked Hillary” : Maxine Waters

  1. John NewJohn New says:

    Well, she is a (D) Rep. after all. Like Hank Johnson thinking adding marines will flip the Island of Guam over like a boat.

  2. I see a common theme with dems/libs they refuse to suck it up and move on with their lives. It’s happening gtfoi

  3. Repeal

    ARREST #Congress/…

  4. Shane™Shane™ says:

    this woman is a putz.

  5. RhondaRhonda says:

    this lady has lost it !

  6. S. CarlsS. Carls says:

    uh.. oh.. ok.. whatever maxine

  7. so now we are impeaching people for telling the truth? hemlock anyone?

  8. Dearest Ms. Waters, In the nicest possible way; Stop! Stay home, be quiet and stop being a mouthpiece for Ms. Pelosi.

  9. JQuinnJQuinn says:

    hilarious! #pfft

  10. KimboKimbo says:

    She’s so ridiculous. Just wanting attention. Too many attention whores. There’s a name. Sue me!

  11. KenKen says:

    stupid people elect stupid people.

  12. stacystacy says:

    Truth is what Trump said is protected by the #1A your words however are covered under Malfeasance and Misconduct, Ma’am.

  13. How is she an elected official? That’s not even close to grounds for impeachment.

  14. BudCBudC says:

    And I would seriously argue that this “do nothing” big mouth be committed for Electroconvulsive Therapy.

  15. most mentally challenged woman ever

  16. @SezSuzy Pelosi has been handing out the happy pills to everyone for at least 8 yrs. They’re all retarded now.

  17. Then HRC should be bull whipped for calling 75% of the country deplorable. And calling Trump psycho.

  18. @Julesofthesmile @realDonaldTrump And I think Maxine Waters is really no plant from Saturday night live, via Alex Baldwin..

  19. JamesJames says:

    she is just getting prepared for the fact she is going to lose her federal funding for sanctuary city.

  20. No he should be given a medal for branding her with such a fitting name!

  21. Steven BennSteven Benn says:

    Lol is that the best she has? She is crooked lmao

  22. @Mo_An2016 In case she hasn’t noticed there has been a bunch of name calling going on for a while…

  23. Barre WilksBarre Wilks says:

    @AgendaOfEvil She is crooked,and her followers are out of touch with WE THE PEOPLES realitys,She should work for a 1.00

  24. Does anyone other than those hard-core leftists at MSNBC take this moron seriously? She is deranged.

  25. what a cupcake… she wants Killary so she can continue to get away with not doing her job Sorry Maxine new sheriff in town

  26. Mark PutnamMark Putnam says:

    My God look back in history at what they called each other in the 1800’s. It is called politics ! She is so stupid

  27. Barre WilksBarre Wilks says:

    She needs to change Crack dealers must be a bad batch

  28. Brown DogBrown Dog says:

    she is crooked, wicked and evil. And you are crooked as well.

  29. RobertRobert says:

    think there is something in her drinking water

  30. Maxine .@FBI .@SecretService .@FoxNews maxine waters should be investigated because she’s rotten as well

  31. Frank BrownFrank Brown says:

    @kennedy_cindi yeah crooked Maxine would be redundant…

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