Trump Calls Out John Lewis on His Pathetic Lie – Lewis says that He Simply Forgot

Trump appears on Fox to briefly discuss the lie that John Lewis told of not ever missing an inauguration.

Apparently John Lewis forgot we have modern technology like the internet to bust his disgraceful lie.

Lewis told reporters last week his gesture held extra weight considering he’d never missed an inauguration, but again, that castle turned to sand once it was revealed it simply wasn’t true.

His staff clarified the mixup on Tuesday, when they told Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler the 76-year-old had just forgotten.

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11 Responses to Trump Calls Out John Lewis on His Pathetic Lie – Lewis says that He Simply Forgot

  1. MikeMike says:

    Dems cant help it lying is what they do

  2. politicians have a way of forgetting things that do not help them at that exact moment.Coattail riding opportunist.

  3. Diana heyserDiana heyser says:

    @milosycophant When isn’t he Right, huh? Iol

  4. Who in hell would forget that. He is a liar!

  5. I admire the fact that he marched for freedom although was brutally beaten up by Democrats. Where is the integrity?

  6. NikkohNikkoh says:

    just another pathetic democrat liar.

  7. sailorsailor says:

    sooo was his last inaugural sit out really the FIRST and ONLY inauguration he sat out on? That’s the one he forgot about?

  8. he also “forgot” what a shameless race-baiting dinosaur he is. Time to retire and let non-Alzheimer’s people run the show

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