Trey Gowdy: Unlike Unproven Trump Russia Theories, White House Leaks are a FELONY

Trey Gowdy reminds clueless liberals that unlike the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories that are unproven, the Deep State anti-Trump leaking of classified info that is VERY real is a FELONY.

From FoxNews

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., reaffirmed on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday that the person who leaked details of then-national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn’s phone calls with Russia’s envoy to the U.S. had broken the law.

“That’s the felonious dissemination of classified material,” Gowdy told host Tucker Carlson. “[House intelligence committee] Chairman [Devin] Nunes’ point is, I want to know whether or not other people have been unmasked, even though you don’t know about it publicly yet.”

Rep. Nunes, a California Republican, has faced calls from Democrats and some Republicans to recuse himself from the House intelligence committee’s investigation of possible ties between Moscow and the Trump campaign. This week, Nunes revealed that he met with a secret source on the White House grounds to review documents related to possible surveillance of Trump team members.

Gowdy criticized FBI Director James Comey for not revealing whether the bureau was investigating the Flynn leak, which led to the former general’s resignation as national security adviser, after Comey confirmed that agents were investigating Trump-Russia connections.

“I think they’re both of national interest,” Gowdy told Carlson. “One happens to be a felony, so I was a little surprised and a little disappointed that [Comey] can’t at least tell us, ‘We are investigating the felonious dissemination of classified material.’”

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