Springfield Il Police Officer Beats up 19yo Man Caught on Body Cam

A Springfield Illinois police officer faces charges of battery and official misconduct after a video shows him punching a 19-year-old a dozen times.

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Police released film from body cameras Monday seeming to demonstrate an officer more than once punching a 19yo man while also trying to instigate a fight.

Officer Samuel A. Rosario (Springfield Police Department)

Officer Samuel A. Rosario (Springfield Police Department)

Consistent with his oath, officer Samuel A. Rosario, 32, did not arrest the 19-year-old after the Feb. 27 battle, which started when he was called to a household unsettling influence on the 2100 piece of East Stuart Street.

Rather, Rosario wound up himself captured the following morning, accused of two numbers of battery and one check of authority unfortunate behavior. He stays on unpaid managerial leave as an inward examination proceeds with, Springfield police said.

The video discharged for the current week, which police said “does not delineate the activities of the persevering men and ladies of the Springfield Police Department,” demonstrates Rosario first push the 19-year-old after he calls him a “newbie”, then turn out to be progressively fomented when the young fellow requests his identification number.

The policeman and teenager then trade a progression of raising put-down and challenges.

“My camera’s been on. You’re terrified,” Rosario says as he endeavors to prompt a physical encounter. “I’m not even going to tase you, I’m not even going to Mace you,” he insults. “You need these hands, you can have them. I’m not even going to capture you, child.”

The video movements to the viewpoint of a reinforcement officer (10:30) as the picture from Rosario’s body camera is clouded when he tosses the unidentified young person to the ground and starts beating him.

“You ain’t about that life, kid,” Rosario says after the beating.

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