One Response to SHOCKING Discovery! Brother of Shooter Don’t Add Up INSIDE JOB

  1. John Kearney says:

    This World War started 40 years ago even longer … America’s economy is totally sunk, If you notice America is always at war for one simple reason, it makes good economic sense that keeps Americans employed .
    The conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 is correct .. A total inside job. Original filming of a man running out of tower 2 in a black jump suit with a ruck sack over his shoulders before the second plane hit the building only confirms my theory even more, 2 grey planes loaded with drums of kero, no windows and an explosions on impact …. maybe 10 or so floors would have been badly damaged that’s about it but not both buildings collapsing on themselves. Also why were the majority of Americans removed from before the planes hit, also why were all personal removed from federal bureau buildings 2hrs before impact.
    I’m a demolition man and I can categorically state that the base structures of these buildings would never have been affected by the impact of the planes. The buildings were detonated from the base column’s possibly 2hrs before business opening just enough to seriously effect the buildings structural strength when the planes hit. This was very much planned as was the demolition of building 5/6 directly behind the towers which was the FBI/CIA building because someone was about to expose a plethora of information from Top Secret Files regarding the Bush administrations corruption and illegal business.
    The Pentagon was never hit by a plane as there were no remnants of fuselage or bodies or anything, it was hit by a tomahawk missile, low trajectory at stealth speed for high impact and maximum structural damage, this was planned and executed. The downing of the plane in Pennsylvania was also planned and executed, maximum collateral damage means lack of factual evidence.
    Do I smell a rat .. of course I smell a rat, its blatantly obvious that this was in the planning for years and brought forward by leaked evidence which would have seriously damaged the Bush Administration.
    American Governments are to blame for every inhouse conspiracy, it just seems to be par for the course when situations tend to get out of control within the secret service, state dept, pentagon or even the White house, so they concoct a diversion big enough to always make it look like that it was done by other nonconformist dilitant’s who want to harm America and its people. Words made easy by a Government to control and turn the flame up on God Flag & Patriotism to non suspecting & ill informed Americans.
    Funny thing is though with modern technology, there tends to be more eye witnesses who gather the proper facts and tell the whole story verbatim for the world to see. People can then judge and hold those responsible too account.
    Governments know this so they devise a more evil plan of controlling comms in “correcting” information. They dictate the terms and how we will all be controlled with all these inadvertent subliminal messages of deceit,
    The world is coming to a head for sure and people are not stupid. No-one wants total mass destruction of the planet, that’s just sheer madness where no-one wins.
    Governments must be controlled, dividing societies with non conformists is the greatest problem we have today.
    This must be rectified immediately so the world can move on to a better place.
    People can make this Happen … Only the People.

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