Professor Who Told Trump About ‘Dirt On Clinton’ Missing, Feared Dead

A professor who told an adviser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign about compromising information on Hillary Clinton has gone missing and is feared dead.

Joseph Mifsud, a university professor and foreign policy expert, approached Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos in June 2016 in regards to “dirt on Hillary Clinton” that is supposedly held by the Russian government.

But Mifsud, who recently became a father to a newborn girl with his fiancé, has now vanished, just weeks after becoming a father to a baby girl, with neither his employers nor fiancé aware of the circumstances behind his suspicious disappearance.

Making the case even more mysterious, the Clinton enemy has had his internet presence scrubbed. His bio has been removed from his employer’s website, Scotland’s University of Sterling, and his previous employer, a university in Italy, has also scrubbed his page. They both now show ‘404 Not Found’ error pages.

Both universities are refusing to issue a public comment about why they have scrubbed Joseph Mifsud’s information from their websites. His email and cell phones have gone dead. And colleagues and journalists cannot find a trace of him.

According to Business Insider, last October, Mifsud was referred to — though not by name — in a US court document, which confirmed that former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos had met with him while living in London.

The document said Papadopoulos told FBI agents about meetings with Mifsud, during which he was made aware of “dirt” on Clinton, then Trump’s rival for the US presidency.

In WhatsApp messages between Mifsud and his fiancé, Anna — who shared the messages on the condition that she be referred to only by her first name out of fear for her life — the professor had become increasingly paranoid about his safety, and asked her not to speak to anybody about him.

Before disappearing, Mifsud asked Anna to delete anybody from Facebook who she had not met in person. He also asked her to delete photographs.

Anna said she and her fiancé last met in person in Kiev, Ukraine in early April 2017. He told her that the FBI had recently questioned him during a visit to New York City.

“He told me he was in his hotel room when he was called downstairs by reception. It was the FBI. He said they wanted to talk about connections he set up between people in Britain and Russia.”

“He said his phone was probably being checked,” Anna said.

Now the man who promised the Trump campaign “dirt on Hillary Clinton” is missing, and police, colleagues and investigative journalists have no idea what has happened to him. However, considering the fate of other Clinton enemies, many are fearing the worst.

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