Planet X – Nibiru “NASA Knows of INBOUND PLANET but is HIDING IT”

NASA and World leaders – They Know of INBOUND PLANET but are HIDING IT. Planet X – Nibiru and the return from Feb to April 2016 seen at the SUN near SOHO Satellite.
1) Video1:
2) Video 2:
“Biggest COVER-UP” WORLDWIDE – What “THEY” Don’t want us to KNOW. Planet X; Hercolubus; Nibiru;
Biggest “Cover-up” in History – What NASA & World Leaders DO NOT Want Us to KNOW! ~!~ Planet X; Hercolubus; Nibiru; Wormwood; 10th Planet; Red Planet; The Destroyer; Nemesis; Marduk; Tyche; Red Star Kachina; or Barnard Star. The past and future Cataclysmic Catastrophism on Earth. (Link 3 below for interesting videos).
4) NASA images of Tyche – Thumbnail image NASA Planet X and Earth, PUBLIC domain.
5) Hercobulus images – Wikimedia commons images
6) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”
7) Thumbnail image – NASA images – Planet X Nibiru NASA image, Wikimedia commons images, at Sun, NASA Image

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