Over 1,000 Arrested In Major Pedophile Bust – Media Blackout

Police say these latest arrests were part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative, which is a widespread series of stings aimed at tackling child sex trafficking in America.

Thegoldwater.com reports: The latest sting operations occurred from June 28th until this past Monday, as law enforcement authorities cracked down on three Illinois brothels and arrested a convicted child molester in Seattle to help lead them to the final arrests.

Law enforcement in Harris County, Texas, and in Seattle, Washington, say they have made 170 and 160 arrests respectively just in their jurisdictions as a result of the information obtained during the investigation.

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart of the Cook County, Illinois Sheriff’s Department was the driving force involved in the operation alongside 37 separate law enforcement agencies across 17 individual states.

The officers say they rescued 81 adult and juvenile victims. At least 1,020 pedophile clients were arrested as a result, and 15 people face child sex trafficking related charges, according to Sheriff Dart.

In Arizona, officials said that more than 400 people were discouraged from buying sex when they received texts, calls or web browser redirects informing them about the impact of the illegal sex industry, which is a part of the cyber defense system that the sting operation has put into place.

Dart announced on Thursday that his office will begin efforts to create a public database that lists sex buyers who are caught for a second or subsequent time in order to quickly identify these monsters before they can commit further crimes against the innocent.

The National Johns Suppression Initiative operations have led to the arrests of nearly 8,000 total sex buyers since the year 2011, Dart said.

The Trump Administration and especially the Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions deserves a great deal of credit for the continued crackdown on these disgusting individuals. Death Penalty would be too lenient for the heinous acts these demons committed.

Article Source: http://yournewswire.com/1000-arrested-pedophile-bust/

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