Ocasio-Cortez: Illegals Are ‘More American’ Than Trump Supporters

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims illegal immigrants are “more American” than the 63 million citizens who voted for Trump.
Full Article Here: https://www.buddylist.co/posts/ocasio-cortez-illegal-aliens-are-more-american-than-trump-supporters

Hillary Clinton: Abortions Should Be Legalized ‘up to Birth’. Hillary Clinton has announced plans to help New York Gov Andrew Cuomo legalize abortions up until the time of birth.
Full Article Here: https://www.buddylist.co/posts/hillary-clinton-abortions-should-be-legalized-up-to-birth

Obama, 2005: Illegal Immigrants Are NOT Welcome in USA. Barack Obama said illegal immigrants were not welcome in the USA during a 2005 press conference about immigration reform.
Full Article Here: https://www.buddylist.co/posts/obama-2005-illegal-immigrants-are-not-welcome-in-usa

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