FLASHBACK : Hypocrite Kathy Griffin Scolded Elisabeth Hasselbeck for Disrespecting Obama

As everyone knows, Kathy Griffin has now completely ruined her career by holding a mock severed, bloody head of President Trump in what she thought was an “edgy” photo shoot.

Many forget, but Griffin at one time had her own failing talk show on Bravo, where she scolded Elisabeth Hasselbeck by not “respecting the office of the President.

Griffin went on to call Hasselbeck a b*tch and a c*nt for just asking a firm question to the president.

Talk about the ULTIMATE liberal hypocrite.

She was not ok with Hasselbeck asking a challenging question, but is ok with holding the mock severed head of one herself.

Article Source: http://truthfeed.com/flashback-kathy-griffin-once-scolded-elisabeth-hasselbeck-for-disrespecting-obama/77716/

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