Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta gets HUMILIATED by White House Advisor Stephen Miller at Press Briefing

Watch Fake News CNN’s Jim Acosta gets HUMILIATED by Stephen Miller at White House Press Briefing. Once again CNN get more and more looking like fake news. I’m not even sure why they are even called a news network any more.

I have watched a lot of pressers in my day, and seen a lot of people get “schooled” and “destroyed.”

But I have never seen a beatdown like this.

President Trump’s top advisor Stephen Miller unleashed the BEATDOWN of the century on Jim Acosta during a press briefing.

CNN’s fake news peddler Jim Acosta was suggesting that only people from Australia and England “speak English” and that Trump and his admin were somehow trying to “culturally cleanse” America by insisting immigrants speak English.

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