Child Protection & Permanency worker fired, arrested for producing CP with minor boys

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First, news from Project Safe Childhood from July 12, 2019. It takes me a few days to repeat some of these cases once I’ve read them. I apologize for the delayed news.

Kayan Frazier was fired from a substitute teaching job after an investigation found he had inappropriate relationships with students. The same agency that fired him hired him as a caseworker for the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency. He continued abusing the boy he was fired for having inappropriate relationships with, as well as family members and other young boys.

Second, Dwight Mitchell founded Stop CPS Legally Kidnapping children in 2017 after his children were taken from him for 22 months. We take a peak into his story and into what his foundation is doing in Minnesota besides filing an injunction to STOP ALL CPS OPERATIONS IN MINNESOTA until they make some changes. Go his website, listed below, to learn more and watch more videos.


Stop CPS Legally Kidnapping Children:


Frazier complaint: story:

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