Chester Bennington Murder Cover Up Emerges

Detectives investigating Chester Bennington’s death claim the coroner’s verdict of suicide is premature, and point out that the autopsy has not been performed and the toxicology results have not been returned.

“The cause of death has not been established. No autopsy has been performed, and police are still treating the death as suspicious. Media outlets misquoting the coroner’s office are getting ahead of themselves,” a police source said.

It is becoming increasingly clear there is a mainstream media cover up conspiracy about Chester Bennington’s death. We are being being fed half truths and outright lies, and the official version of events being reported by the media is implausible to say the least. We need to start asking some questions. It is the very least Chester Bennington deserves.

With only a few exceptions, corporate media outlets have been unanimous in spreading misinformation about Chester Bennington’s death. They have been claiming it is an open and shut case, and the official ruling of suicide is final.

This is not correct. Mainstream media reporting on this issue has been reckless and insulting to the memory of Chester Bennington as well as millions of Linkin Park fans.

Mere hours after Bennington died, the mainstream media had a complete back story, names, times, 911 call and cause of death. Fact checking sites and the British tabloids got involved, further pushing the lie that within hours of the death we had all the answers.

They are all desperate to claim that for some mysterious reason the death of a successful, determined young family man is “not being investigated”.

Is that even possible? Or were the media fed the complete concocted cover-up narrative by their mysterious overlords, ready-packaged to be quickly and easily digested by the unsuspecting public?


Let’s face facts. A famous man, with future plans he was promoting and looking forward to, is found hanged in his house, surrounded by the children he loved children, and the case is not investigated? That should be a scandal in itself.

The fact is the autopsy has not yet taken place. The toxicology report has not been returned.

Last week a police source said, “Murders are sometimes made to look like suicides. We think he was murdered, we just have to find out who was behind it.“

So why did the coroner’s office rule to the public a finding of “suicide” in Bennington’s case, before the autopsy results and toxicology report were completed, and before police had a chance to complete a proper death investigation?

Any homicide detective worthy of the badge will tell you that even with hanging cases you “always first approach them as a homicide. That is a fact. You don’t jump to conclusions. You work the body out.“

This case is only one week old. Nobody, including the coroner, knows anything right now, other than the fact Chester was found dead in suspicious circumstances on his best friend Chris Cornell’s first birthday since he was also found hanging in eerily similar circumstances on May 18 in Detroit.

Doesn’t Chester, like Chris, deserve a proper death investigation?

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  1. Sandra says:

    I don’t beleive Chester or Chris killed themsevles. No way. I am so upset and outraged by the misinformation as well. I watched you I tube video. I have numerous questions as I am sure many do as well! I hope their families, friends and band mates don’t allow this to be ignored. I wish I could help solve this unjust.

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