Chester Bennington 911 Call July 20, 2017, Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Chester Bennington’s housekeeper cried and screamed in the background as a driver for the Linkin Park frontman made the 911 call to report his death.

In the call, the driver said: “I’m trying to pick [someone] up and the housekeeper has come out and said he’s killed himself…

“I haven’t seen him. The housekeeper came out and said he’s… she found him dead.”

The housekeeper’s shout of “Oh my God” can be heard, while a nurse on the emergency call asks if he’s been inside the property.

He goes on to explain: “I asked ‘Is he cold, is he warm?’, and she said ‘No, he’s dead, he’s been hanging’, and she’s talking to his wife right now….

“It’s a home. I’m in Palos Verdes estates. He’s mid-forties.”

END 911 Transcript.

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