Adam Schiff Hit with Ethics Complaint for Colluding with Simpson & Michael Cohen

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has been hit with a major ethics complaint Monday, alleging that he secretly colluded with Fusion

CNN getting Sued for $250M After Spreading Lies About Covington MAGA student Nicholas Sandmann

Covington MAGA student Nicholas Sandmann is about to sue CNN for a whopping $250 million in damages for spreading “vicious”

Nancy Pelosi Wants Full Voting Rights for All Immigrants

All immigrants must be awarded full voting rights in the United States, according to Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy

Hillary NOT Ruling out 2020 Run. Says She will Wait for Mueller Report

Hillary Clinton is NOT ruling out a presidential 2020 run until after the Mueller report comes out, sources close to

Hillary Calling for New Trump Investigation If Mueller Finds Nothing

Hillary Clinton has called for a new investigation into alleged Trump-Russia collusion if the current Mueller probe finds nothing. Hillary

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Rand Paul Voting Against President Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Sen. Rand Paul appears to have turned against Trump and will vote down the President’s national emergency declaration. Paul told a

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I Launched a new Video Sharing and Streaming Platform called JoshWho TV

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New Evidence shows Hillary and Podesta Started the Fake Russia Hoax

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta concocted the fake Russian hoax a few days before the 2016 election, new evidence shows. Podesta,

A New Alternative Video Sharing Live Streaming Service is Open

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Chicago Police: Overwhelming Evidence Jussie Smollett Staged Crime

Jussie Smollett could face up to ten years in prison after Chicago police confirmed Monday they have overwhelming evidence the

Nancy Pelosi Calling for Nationwide Gun Ban to Teach Trump a Lesson

Nancy Pelosi has threatened a nationwide gun ban in response to President Trump’s national emergency declaration at the southern border. In

Andrew McCabe Admits Attempting Coup to Overturn 2016 Election

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Trump to Sign Executive Order for Extra Wall Funds to Avoid Shutdown.

President Trump is planning to sign an executive order that will allocate enough funds to build the border wall and

President Trump: Andrew McCabe a Total Disgrace to the FBI and America

President Trump has slammed former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a “disgrace to the FBI and America,” following revelations that

President Trump will sign bill and declare a National Emergency Over Border Crisis

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Proof FBI was Protecting Clinton Prior to 2016 Election New Emails Show

Senior FBI officials scrambled to protect Hillary Clinton “at all costs” in the days running up to the 2016 presidential

Cortez New Green Energy Deal – REALLY??

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Apple Gave Mueller Access to Roger Stone’s iCloud, After Protecting Privacy of San Bernardino

Apple, the company that refused to violate the “privacy rights” of the San Bernardino terrorists, have turned over access to