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James O’Keefe at FreedomFest: The State of the Media

Founder of Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action, James O’Keefe provides his take on how the current news media landscape

Stalker Harasses James O’Keefe by Phone–Who is Behind it?

Over several weeks, James O’Keefe has received literally hundreds of unsolicited phone calls from an unknown entity named “Bella.” We

O’Keefe Confronts WI AG’s Unfounded Attack on PVA

James O’Keefe explains the Attorney General of Wisconsin’s report on Project Veritas Action’s investigation into Democracy Partners during the election

Additional Voter Fraud Proof for FEC Commissioner Weintraub Filed With FEC

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub keeps demanding proof of voter fraud from President Trump. Project Veritas Action has provided significant video

Veritas Voter Fraud Compilation – #VoterFraudIsReal

Veritas has been the leading investigators into voter fraud for the past five years. Here is a compilation of

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Black Trump Voter

Project Veritas Action Journalist is harassed while walking silently through the streets of Manhattan wearing a Trump T-shirt and hat.

2016 IMPACT: Results Really Matter at Project Veritas Action

What makes Project Veritas Action so successful? This video clip highlights some of our previous videos, illustrates the dedication of

Undercover: Chicago Democratic Election Judges Pretend to be Republican Judges

In this Project Veritas Action video, an undercover journalist exposes how election judges in Chicago were violating election regulations regarding

Dear Jack Dorsey

In this video, Laura Loomer, the Assistant Communications Director for Project Veritas and Project Veritas Action thanks Twitter CEO Jack

James O’Keefe at Restoration Weekend: “MSM Is Dead”

While speaking at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Florida, James O’Keefe declared the mainstream media is dead, following the 2016

Bernie Sanders’s Deputy Campaign Manager Threatens O’Keefe With Lawsuit

In this video, James O’Keefe discusses a letter he received from a lawyer who is representing Richard Pelletier, Bernie

John Fund References James O’Keefe’s Videos as Evidence of Voter Fraud

On November 28, 2016, political commentator John Fund credited James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Action with uncovering evidence of voter

Everyone Moving To Canada Post Election: #CheckYourPrivilege

In this video, Project Veritas Action Journalists encountered the Assistant Director of Leadership and Civic Engagement at Columbia University. She

CAUGHT ON HIDDEN CAM: Election Laws Being Broken in North Philly

While undercover, James O’Keefe was given a Democratic voter guide in a north Philadelphia district while a PVA journalist was

Reverends in Gary, IN: We “Tell Them Who to Vote For”

In this video released by Project Veritas (PV), a shocking voter fraud plot with the intent of bussing impoverished minority

Maggie Hassan Flip Flops on Syrian Refugee Stance

In a new video released by Project Veritas Action, staffers from Maggie Hassan’s campaign are caught on camera expressing a

Undercover Video Exposes Early Clinton Email Witness Who Was Never Interviewed by FBI

Project Veritas Action has just released a new video relating to the investigations of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers. As

Foreigner Calls Himself An “Expert” At Donating to Clinton Campaign

In this video, foreign national Kristoffer Carlgren admits to illegally donating money to the Clinton campaign and explains how other

Project Veritas Action Confronts Benjamin Barber Over His Racist Comments

In this video, Project Veritas Action confronts top Hilary Clinton donor Benjamin Barber over racist comments he made at a

Major Hillary Donor Inside Dem Fundraiser: Blacks Are “Seriously F***ed in The Head”

In this video released by Project Veritas Action, a top Democratic donor is caught on camera disparaging members of the